Jovi De Croock

Written by Jovi De Croock who lives and works in Belgium building mainly in React(-native) and Node.js.

Quitting my first job

 6 minutes June 16, 2019

The jobRecently I’ve quit my first job, I see this as a good time to reflect on my close to two years as a web- and mobile engineer. I’ve…

Web performance

 2 minutes May 04, 2019

As I was recently seeing some fuzz on twitter about this I decided to give my honest opinion on the matter.As you might already have noticed…

Modular Redux architecture

 6 minutes February 28, 2019

IntroductionI have been working on a pretty big application for the last year, I’ll mainly talk about the frontend side in this post. The…

Modern bundling (part 1)

 6 minutes February 14, 2019

Some people might call this title confusing, I am not talking about how we bundle but rather about what we bundle.You might think (or not…


 3 minutes January 23, 2019

IntroductionI often use open-source projects, evidently since you are on a gatsby website, so I try to contribute as much as I can to this…

Modern bundles

 5 minutes January 20, 2019

IntroductionLately I’ve been quite verbal about bundling and the problem with transpiling down to es5.At this point in time library authors…

Tinkering on hooked-form

 5 minutes January 15, 2019

IntroductionSo as previously stated one of my side projects is Hooked-Form, I’ve been able to put quite some work into this project. I like…


 6 minutes January 10, 2019

IntroductionEvery time I hear people talk about forms I hear them say that this is inherently difficult. You won’t ever hear me say this is…

Hello World

 2 minutes January 08, 2019

IntroductionAs commonly said, a New Year a new me. Well for me that isn’t the case. I’ve always been into sharing my thoughts with the world…