My thoughts in a semi-raw form, a lot of these posts contain what goes around in my mind throughout a day.

GraphQL Caching Abstract Types

A quick exploration of how a client-side cache looks at abstract and concrete types in GraphQL.

GraphQL Development Workflow

An opinionated development workflow I have enjoyed using when it comes to GraphQL.

GraphQL Persisted Operations

Persisted operations are a way to introduce caching and additional security to your GraphQL Endpoint.

Unique identifier in Preact

Getting unique tree-identifiers consistent across server and client.

Browser timings

When exploring a bug in Preact we came across a few quirks with regards to (micro)ticks and events.

Hydration in Preact

We see a lot of talk about hydration, what is it and where is it applied?

State and VDOM

We often talk about state in context, ... but this can be a footgun, let's take a closer look at how library authors bypass this.

Suspense, data and SSR

How do we handle Asynchronous data in a situation where it feels the runtime is idle, how does Suspense tie into this and extending into ssr.

Controlled inputs

Controlled and uncontrolled inputs have always been a big subject, what does it actually mean, to be (un)controlled?

Virtual Dom optimizations

As one of the core maintainers of Preact I think a lot about VDOM and how to optimize the common actions of library-consumers.