Jovi De Croock

Software Engineer


My thoughts in a semi-raw form, a lot of these posts contain what goes around in my mind throughout a day.

Preact X, a story of stability

Preact X has been released for five years, let's go over all the exciting things that have happened.

Unreliable vendors

What can we do to prevent our applications getting taken down by third parties, and if we do go down, how can we optimise for recovery.

GraphQL Caching Abstract Types

A quick exploration of how a client-side cache looks at abstract and concrete types in GraphQL.

GraphQL Development Workflow

An opinionated development workflow I have enjoyed using when it comes to GraphQL.

GraphQL Persisted Operations

Persisted operations are a way to introduce caching and additional security to your GraphQL Endpoint.

Unique identifier in Preact

Getting unique tree-identifiers consistent across server and client.

Browser timings

When exploring a bug in Preact we came across a few quirks with regards to (micro)ticks and events.

Hydration in Preact

We see a lot of talk about hydration, what is it and where is it applied?

State and VDOM

We often talk about state in context, ... but this can be a footgun, let's take a closer look at how library authors bypass this.

Suspense, data and SSR

How do we handle Asynchronous data in a situation where it feels the runtime is idle, how does Suspense tie into this and extending into ssr.

Controlled inputs

Controlled and uncontrolled inputs have always been a big subject, what does it actually mean, to be (un)controlled?

Virtual Dom optimizations

As one of the core maintainers of Preact I think a lot about VDOM and how to optimize the common actions of library-consumers.