Jovi De Croock

Passionate Software Engineer

When growing up I discovered a passion for IT, this grew into me working at a hardware store and eventually into finding my passion for programming. This passion turnmed me to study software engineering, freelancer assignments and my job.

Nowadays my passion mainly goes to the architectural side of programming. Finding elegant solutions to complex behavior is my favorite challenge. Another thing I find a deep interest in is optimising performance.

At this point I am 25 years old and trying to learn the best practices from my awesome co-workers, in the hope of being able to one day share my knowledge with everyone.


  • VHTI Dendermonde - IT
  • HoGent - Applied IT
  • Codifly - Web and Mobile engineer
  • Formidable - Senior software engineer - Tech lead








Open source projects I help maintain

  • Preact maintainer (core team)
  • wmr maintainer (core team)
  • Urql maintainer (core team)

Projects by me


  • Google Open Source Peer Bonus - Q4 2019
  • Helped implement a complex entity-level authorisation system
  • Tennis handicap prediction algorithm, focussed on beating bookmakers
  • First prize at Hack The Future 2016 - Android


  • Non-fiction books (programming, self-improvement,...)
  • Psychology
  • Music