Jovi De Croock

Full-stack Software Engineer

When growing up I discovered a passion for IT, this grew into me working at a hardware store and eventually into finding my passion for programming. This passion turned me to study computer science, find freelancer assignments and eventually my first job.

Nowadays I find myself enjoying work on both front-end as well as back-end systems. Finding elegant solutions to complex behavior is my favorite challenge. In companies I like to empower people to deliver their best work, a force multiplier for others, be that by working on DX or discovering solutions to problems together.

A second passion that has grown over the years is open-source, I love working in the open and I love collaborating with others to solve common development problems.


  • Codifly - Web and Mobile engineer (2017-2019)
  • Formidable - Senior software engineer - Tech lead (2019-2021)
  • Stellate - Staff Software Engineer (2021-2024)

Open source projects

  • I have been maintaining Preact since we started on the Preact X release-line at the start of 2019
  • I created Prefresh which is like React Fast Refresh but for Preact
  • In June 2019 I started helping out on the Urql project, a lightweight extensible GraphQL Client
  • I created Hoofd as I wanted to properly manage the HTML head element through React hooks
  • I co-created GraphQLSP a TypeScript LSP Plugin to properly support inline-hints/diagnostics/... while developing front-end GraphQL applications
  • I co-created GQL.tada The magical GraphQL parser written in TS types, this tool automatically types your GraphQL Documents without codegen.